The Anchor Wellness Center was founded to challenge the way health and wellness services are delivered. Today, most individuals consuming health and wellness services are experiencing a massive lack of continuity of care and they don’t even know it. Providers are isolated from one another and that space between them creates a barrier to the progress of the client. The Anchor Wellness Center is a local integrated health collaborative based on the principle of evidence-informed, collaborative care of highly specialized providers. These providers are critical thinkers who thrive in transforming the culture of their specialized fields but believe in the power of a tribe. At Anchor Wellness Center, our goal is to create a customized, transformative experience that empowers our clients to own their well-being with the support of our independent and integrative team.

The anchor is the international symbol of hope. We strive to provide just that for the Anchor community. Whether you are a provider who is ready to throw in the towel because the traditional model isn’t serving you or you are an individual who just can’t seem to find success. We want to help you.

Drop an Anchor with us!

Dr. Sarah Cash Crawford, Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, COMT, CMTPT