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Health Coaching

An individualized service that offers the guidance, tools & accountability needed to help clients reach their health goals & create a life of wellness.

Group Programs

Group health coaching programs that follow a specific structure, designed to help clients improve their quality of life & sense of wellbeing.

Yoga Therapy

Specific application of yogic tools — postures, breathwork & meditation — to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Workshops & Events

Both privately scheduled & open event workshops that address current health & wellness issues such as body image & disordered eating.


When it comes to health and wellness “one size fits all” doesn’t work. I believe in individualized wellness programs that are tailored to a client’s specific needs and goals. Living a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond just nutrition and exercise, so during our sessions, we’ll discuss all aspects that make up a sense of wellness and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This will help us both define goals and discover current imbalances.

Together we will strategize an effective plan to help you reach your health goals, collaborating with your current health care providers as needed, in an environment that provides support and accountability that will help you implement this plan by shifting habitual thought and behavior patterns, discovering limiting beliefs and establishing new routines that lead to a healthy, active lifestyle.

The mission of Abide Coaching is to empower women to establish a healthy lifestyle, oppose diet culture & heal their disordered relationship to food. My goal is to set people free from obsessing over food, weight and body image by offering empathetic and specialized support and accountability.



Emily has her B.A. in Communications from Elon University, is a Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor (RYT-200), Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT-500) and Certified Health & Life Coach through an ICF accredited program and holds additional certifications in both Trauma-Sensitive & Pre-/Postnatal Yoga.

Emily has experience working with both private clients and in small groups, addressing specific health concerns such as MS, cancer, alcohol addiction, eating disorders and Parkinson’s.

Emily’s passion for her job and clients comes from a deeply personal experience. After having developed an eating disorder in her early 20s and battling bulimia for 3+ years, she entered an outpatient treatment program. While the road to recovery was a challenging one that required a lot of hard work and sacrifice, nothing has been more worthwhile than that time spent in recovery. It was this life-altering experience that changed the trajectory of her life and would ultimately lead to a career switch as well.

It ignited a passion and deep desire in her to help others achieve food freedom, find body acceptance and create a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle free from counting calories, daily weigh-ins and obsessing over appearance. This led her to go back to school to receive additional certifications and trainings that would allow her to eventually launch Abide Health Coaching & Yoga Therapy in 2020.  






About Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaches have a deep knowledge of nutrition, exercise, wellness, and behavior change methods. They understand the various contributing factors that lead to health and wellbeing and have the tools and skills needed to help clients build new habits and make lasting change, overcome health challenges and achieve their wellness goals — they are not just a source of information but a catalyst for transformation by offering practical tools, support, and accountability.

Health coaches serve as allies to their clients where the two develop a relationship built on trust and respect that allows them to explore clients’ values, goals, reasons for change, and what is possible. They are experts on human behavior, motivation, and health, working as “change agents” who help their clients set and achieve health goals and build new habits. Because of this, clients often see benefits that go beyond their initial focus area. Clients gain confidence as they take action and make changes, which can spread to other areas of their lives. These benefits can include better relationships, work–life balance, or general improvements in life satisfaction.

Why the name “Abide?”

The definition of the word “Abide” means: to bear patiently; to endure without yielding; to withstand; to remain stable. The name “Abide” was chosen with this definition in mind. People are incredibly resilient and with the right support, accountability and tools we are able to overcome anything, patiently bearing any current discomfort and remaining stable in the face of great adversity and challenges.

About Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Although all yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic tools — postures, movement, breathwork, meditation techniques, etc. — to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. Yoga Therapy classes are specifically designed to help support those recovering from injury, illness, chronic disease, eating disorders, addiction, trauma and even childbirth.

Yoga therapists have extensive, in-depth training beyond the foundational RYT-200 instructor training to help them assess injuries and design a safe and effective practice for their clients. The practices your yoga therapist recommends could include:

  • Gentle movement or flows
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation or visualization practices
  • Physical postures that address specific areas of discomfort or musculoskeletal imbalances

Why is it taught privately?
One-on-one sessions provide the client with an individualized practice with personalized hands-on adjustments, alignment cues, and in-depth posture breakdowns, in a safe, welcoming and trauma-informed environment. 

For yoga therapy sessions, clients will fill out an initial intake form and have an in-person assessment so that the sessions can be specifically tailored to the individual needs and desired outcome of the client, while also taking into consideration any limitations they may be experiencing.

About the 90 Days To Wellness Program

This 90 Day Program is not done in a “one size fits all” format, instead you will meet with Emily for one-on-one sessions once a week for 60-minutes (either in person or virtually), where she will attentively listen to your health and wellness goals and then tailor the program to fit your specific needs and desired outcome. During this 12-week personalized, guided coaching program, you will receive the tools, guidance, support and accountability needed to create lasting change not only in your body, but also in your mindset. Within 90 days clients will witness a transformation to their daily habits, become more self-aware, break down limiting-self beliefs and have solidified healthy routines including better nutrition, improved sleep, increased movement and more mindfulness.


This program is specifically designed for those who want to improve their wellness and commit to a healthier lifestyle, but who are tired of fad diets, false promises, wasting time, energy and money on products that don’t work. It’s for those who feel frustrated by previous, unsuccessful attempts to improve their health, who are overwhelmed by all of the nutrition and exercise information available and uncertain how to even effectively implement it.

Health Fundamentals


When we think of the term “being healthy” we often equate that with “diet & exercise,” but living a healthy lifestyle and accomplishing a true sense of well-being goes beyond nutrition and movement. In Health Coaching, we consider all of the various components that make up a general sense of health & wellness and offer practical tools & support to help balance out any areas that may be lacking, while serving as an ally and an accountability partner. 



Learn how to eat intuitively while honoring your body’s hunger & fullness cues.


Increasing both quantity & quality of sleep is essential for your physical, mental & emotional health.


Our social lives & the people we spend most of our time with can have a significant impact on
our health & well-being.


Calculate the optimal amount of water your body needs & learn tools to increase your daily water intake.

Habits & Routines

Establishing healthy routines & habits are key components to an overall sense of well-being & achieving your health goals.


Developing a deeper self-understanding, by using tools such as the Enneagram, can lead to a happier & more fulfilled life.


Discover ways to move your body that feel enjoyable & work for your schedule, rather than forcing a regimented exercise routine.

Physical Environment

Our physical environment plays an often underestimated role in our health & ability to accomplish goals. 

Mental & Emotional

Taking care of our mental & emotional health is just as important to our well-being as moving & nourishing our bodies.

Health Coaching:

  • FREE 30-min Initial Consult (new clients only)
  • 90 Days to Wellness Program: $1500
    (payment plan options available or discounted $1350 pay-in-full option)
  • Single Sessions (60-min): $125
  • Maintenance Visit (30-min): $50
  • Guided Grocery Trip (90-min): $150

*Both in-person & virtual appointments available


Yoga Therapy:

  • Initial Yoga Therapy Assessment
    (75-minutes): $110

  • Single 60-minute private session: $65

  • Single 30-minute private session: $40

  • Package of 3 Session: $180

  • Package of 5 Sessions: $300

  • Package of 10 Sessions: $600


Happy Clients

“Emily is kind, friendly, and encouraging. She listens attentively and asks very thoughtful and intentional questions to help her clients feel supported. She’s also an excellent communicator and makes sure all questions are answered prior to the end of the session so that you will have action steps to work towards until the next time you speak.”


Audree T.

“In my concern for better life balance between work and personal life, Emily asked insightful questions as to what I saw as the indications that things were out of balance. Chronic fatigue was one of the symptoms I mentioned. Along with questions that were directly related to fatigue, like sleep habits, Emily gently probed in areas that I didn’t think were necessarily related to fatigue – like water consumption. She offered both guidance and an attainable challenge to the amount of water I drink every day. It was easier to increase than I anticipated and the results were amazing – more energy, better gut health, less snacking and other health benefits I had not anticipated! Really appreciate her insights and overall understanding of the interrelatedness of health habits.”

Kathy R.

“Emily is a wonderful coach! She was so upbeat, positive, and encouraging. She is a fantastic listener and delivers each topic and teaching area with such grace and poise. She has a natural gift to help people and it comes through in her coaching. Emily is absolutely amazing!”


Farah M.

“This was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I thought I had a lot figured out already, but was still struggling in a few areas of my life. I’ve implemented amazing routines and habit changes thanks to Emily that have changed my life. I believe everyone could benefit from working with a health coach. It’s like fine-tuning your life.”

Hannah A.

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